Speech Privacy

Why Speech Privacy Is Important

Clients expect privileged conversations to be held in confidence.  For industries such as the medical and financial fields, there are strict legal standards requiring such confidentiality.

‘LectroFan provides a flexible state of the art sound masking technologies in an affordable and attractive package.

Studies show that employee productivity increases when sound masking is used.  When your staff is not distracted by unwanted conversations and noises, they can focus on their work.

Your clients will be more comfortable  discussing sensitive personal information with ‘LectroFan sound conditioning machines protecting their privacy.

‘LectroFan and Speech Privacy

  • Select the sounds that best matches your environment from ‘LectroFan‘s twenty sounds.
  • Precise control of the volume from a whisper to 20 dB louder than fan-based sound conditioners.
  • Compact size and portability provides the flexibility to place ‘LectroFan where needed.
  • Modern, neutral cream color fits with all business decors.